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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy has a very large range of applications, but it is most commonly used as a protective coating on surfaces that will see years of abuse but still need to look nice for that duration. This short article will broaden your knowledge on its applications and the options available for anyone looking to have epoxy installed.

A Variety of Applications

Epoxy flooring won't just protect your concrete garage and basement floor, but it will transform it from a boring, grey, dusty floor, to a beautiful, clean and well protected floor. Garage and basement floors are only a few of its applications. Epoxy can be poured over counter tops, bar tops, table tops, industrial grade floors, factory floors, and even kitchen floors to provide a high build, durable finish that will be easy to clean up with simply water and a towel. Epoxy offers endless customization including light/heavy paint chips, solid colors, multi colors, metallics, clear, and even over decals. Many people like the way epoxy surfaces look but there is also a huge demand for people who need epoxy floors for other reasons than looks.

The Industrial side of Epoxy

Epoxy flooring can be beneficial for many other reasons that its beauty. These floors can often be found in shops where grease, ink, water, or anything else is frequently spilled but needs to be cleaned up. Epoxy is very chemical resistant and doesn't absorb most fluids making clean up a breeze, leaving the floor looking like nothing ever happened. This style of floors hold up well against wear and tear from fork lifts and vehicles. A texture additive can be added into the epoxy to fight against slippage, helping to keep people safe. 

Gardening Indoors with Epoxy

People who specialize in indoor gardening can greatly benefit from epoxy floors as well. Over the years gardeners have found that the color white reflects light really well which will make your operation more efficient. Dusty concrete and floor seams will trap dust and dirt which effect the cleanliness of the room, a solid smooth surface will make cleaning a lot easier and less time consuming. A solid floor coating will seal in any moisture seeping through your floor making your indoor climate more controllable. 

What next?

Supreme Coats Paint and Epoxy has years of experience ranging from jobs as small as a counter top to 20,000 sq ft factories. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call and we can set up an appointment to go over what options are best for your personal needs.



To transform your floor, Call Alan for a free estimate (248)-789-7457


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