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Exterior painting

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Getting the exterior of a home painted is often overlooked for far too long. Besides the color of your house, painting the exterior siding offers protections from harmful elements as well. Home owners associations can get on your tail about a weathered paint job as well as color schemes. In this article we are going to talk about paint being involved in your home maintenance. 

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Most houses built have a siding that is not designed to hold up without proper caulking and painting. Over the years sunlight, rain, snow, and wind will weather your paint job exposing things like bare siding and caulk. This allows moisture and harmful sun rays to attack the only thing that is supposed to defend your home from the outside elements - your siding. This also allows caulk to weather quicker which is designed to seal out wind and water. Even some of the most reputable coatings recommend a cleaning and re-coat ever 2-3 years such as on stained siding. This is why its so important to get your exterior refinished properly by a professional.


It is the prep work done before paint is applied that has the biggest impact on the longevity of the paint job. A quality painter will include a thorough cleaning with a house mildew/mold killing soap, and a pressure washing in their estimate. After that is done, any loose paint chips must be removed to a tight edge to ensure the new paint job will stick. Any cracked siding or failing caulk should be filled/re-caulked with the proper product so water doesn't get behind the siding. Finally, a quality paint will be applied, possibly even two coats if there is any bare siding. Another reason to have someone who specializes in finishing exteriors tackle the project.


Supreme coats will walk around the house with the home owner to ask questions and point out areas that need more than just a coat of paint. Our work always includes a high grade exterior paint unlike cheaper contractor grade paint. This will make the estimate as accurate as possible and leave the home owner without any question as to whether the job will be done the right way. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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