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Interior House Painting

Throughout the years of being in the painting industry, we have come across many reasons for painting the interior of someones home. People get their interiors painted to cover up odors, repair damages, and bring the walls back to life after years of abuse. Most importantly, it helps turn a house into a home.


It is incredible what color can do to a room. Lighter colors can make a room brighter and appear bigger, while darker colors can make a room feel more warm and comforting. Adding accent walls can give a room more depth while also giving a room a focal point. Brighter ceilings make a room look bigger and lighting more efficient. With the right sheen and colors, paint can transform a room into a bold statement or a place that breeds relaxation and comfort. There is more to painting than just picking colors, your painting contractor should be able to pick up on other problematic areas such as repairs.

Shifting foundations, water damage, and wear and tear from years of everyday use can turn a room into an eye sore. Fixing drywall damage is a must before painting. Cracks should be taped then repaired and holes/dents need to be filled. This will make a room look as seamless as the day it was built.  Water damage such as stains from a leaky roof or sagging drywall is often overlooked, and will almost always come back to haunt you if not taken care of properly. Any decent painting company will be able to point these out and offer them in their quote.

Supreme coats is dedicated to meeting the needs of every one of our customers. We look through the entire job with the customer at our side, asking questions and pointing out things that most people do not see. This ensures that the job will be done professionally and with outstanding quality. That statement runs deep through our company, even down to the paint we use. You will see nothing but high quality paint that we have years of experience with and is far above contractor grade paint. This ensures consistent coverage from job to job making our estimates more accurate with less surprises. Give us a call and we will come out to help plan your dream home!

Call Alan for a free estimate (248) 789-7457.

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